Murder In The Rain is available now from all digital stores and streaming sites. This album has been developed over the last thirty years and has finally seen daylight with its release on Black Cloud Records. A concept album based on a classic Film Noir hard boiled detective novel, this album faithfully captures the flavours of the mid to late 1980’s in sound in a series of classic jazz, pop songs. We are very proud to release this fantastic production and will be promoting the singles over the year with a series of artistic music videos.





STVTIC’s debut Solo album is due for release in September and we feel that it will be an exciting new journey for electro acoustic music. STVTIC is the anonymous female singer songwriter from Hartlepool who has wowed the local music scene with her haunting songs and rich soundscapes. At Black Cloud we have thoroughly enjoyed observing the process of the creation of this iconic album and cannot wait to unleash it onto the world.